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Is there a cure for gambling addiction

Welcome to another blog post! This is a very interesting subject! We try to make our readers aware of responsible gambling in our articles and to create awareness of the risk of gambling addiction. However, a solution might have been found to help people with such a problem. In this article we will report on this alternative method of combating addiction. Read on!

What can this nasal spray do?

A group of Finnish researchers started a study to find out whether a simple product like a nasal spray could help people with gambling addiction. It is reported that 2.7% of Finns between the ages of 15-74 have had a gambling problem. In 2017, a UK Gambling Commission report showed an even higher number - two million Britons were either problem gamblers or beginning to become seriously addicted. And now there is a nasal spray that could help players fight this problem. This problem today is very acute for Indian players who prefer Rupee Casinos.

What can this strange method do? The spray is fast acting and contains a special ingredient called naloxone, which is often used for drug and opioid overdoses. It was approved by the U.S. FDA for emergency opiate treatment in 2015. The naloxone blocks the production of dopamine, which plays a central role in addicts. The spray is created by Hannu Alho, professor of addiction medicine at the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki, and his team. He has confirmed that the formula of this spray is very useful and fast acting.

Professor Alho explains that the precursor, a pill, contained ingredients similar to the naloxone substance, but was not as effective as the spray. It took the pill about an hour to absorb, while the nasal spray goes straight to the brain and starts working in just a few minutes. There will be a big experiment with about 130 people - half will test the nasal spray for 3 months; the other half will receive a placebo for 3 months. We're not sure what the results will be, but we know for sure how people are reacting to this whole new 'treatment'! Let's take a look!

What do people think

Of course, when something new comes along as the solution to a problem, whether it is some type of medicine or treatment, people cannot take it for granted in the beginning. When the nasal spray against gambling addiction was first presented to the public in January 2018, there were mixed reactions. Professor Alho talked a little more about the spray on a program on RNZ (Radio New Zeland). And it was even a hot topic in a discussion on the famous Emmy award winning daily talk show The Doctors ’! Although they laughed and didn't seem to take it seriously, the host and his guests were interested in whether the spray could actually work and look forward to the results. However, the subscribers are not as active as with other videos on the YouTube channel.

There have been a few skeptical comments, including on Twitter. Many people believe that using naloxone can cure their gambling addiction, but the substance could be addicting. Many also write that self-control is important because you could just forget about the spray and so the experiment would be a waste of time and money. On the other hand, there is a hashtag #naloxone on Twitter and there is organized training in Ohio and Ireland - this course gives the opportunity to use naloxone in an emergency. There are even suggestions that you can buy a kit containing the substance from a pharmacy to help someone with an addiction. That could save someone's life!

What do you think?

Well, that's all we could now collect as information about the nasal spray for gambling addiction. Thanks for reading! We would like to know what you think about the spray. Do you think it will work Would you get it for yourself or for a friend with a gambling addiction? Our social media accounts are listed on the following page - follow and share us! We really want to pay more attention to this treatment and to other available nasal spray alternatives that may help someone with an addiction. Play responsibly and don't be afraid to seek help if you think you need it! Until next time!

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